Karela / Bitter Gourd / Bitter melon

Bitter Melon / Bitter Gourd / (Momordica charantia)
Benefits of Karela: For Glycemic and Diabetes control, Regulates blood sugar and metabolism

Bitter Melon Diabetes Capsules

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Latin Name :Momordica charantia Linn. 
English Name / Common Name :Bitter Gourd / Bitter melon 
Sanskrit / Indian Names :Karavella, Karela

Bitter gourd or more commonly bitter melon is a traditional ayurvedic herb that is found in every Indian kitchen. It's used as vegetable and in making of lots of preparation in Indian cuisine. Karela or bitter gourd is a fruits that is very commonly found in Indian subcontinent, south Asian countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines as well as in China. This fruits is very widely used in a condition known as Diabetes Mellitus or in short diabetes.


This herb is a powerful stimulant that stimulates pancreas to produce enough insulin to regulate blood glucose. Chemically bitter gourd has few chemicals that are very similar to insulin thereby is very supportive in treating diabetes problem.


  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Hyperglycemia
  • Increase urine out flow
  • Skin related problems
  • Skin allergies
  • Worm infestation
  • Diabetic wounds
  • psoriasis


One to two capsules twice daily with water or as directed by physician.

Bitter Gourd Information and Its role for Diabetes control

Bitter Gourd or karela is a famous fruit that is grown in the South Asia including China and India. It is also grown in countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. Bitter Gourd or bitter melon is a fruit that is very bitter in tastes and only after processing can be taken. Premature fruits and leaves of this plant are edible and is widely used in cooking purposes. The raw form of karela is extremely beneficial in condition known as Diabetes mellitus.

As per the morphology is concerned, it is a vine. Long green vine commonly creeps in places that are warm and humid. This plant does not require any special care. It grows on its own and is very easy to maintain cultivation.

Bitter Melon is known in Spanish as Balsam pear and balsamina. Chines people know it as ku gua or foo gwa and French people assort it as the assorossie, is a infact exclusive and bitter ingredient that is not authentic yet well known in the United States and extensively used as a diabetes diet.

In general the bitterness in plant was an evolutionary process to prevent the plant from being used but human are one of the very few organism who have the sense of bitterness in their tongue and can recognize the taste. Bitterness defines that here our humanity!

Advantages of taking Karela

  • Karela is considered to be a good appetizer.
  • Bitter gourd is also a good blood cleanser or filter which is very helpful in evading any sort of infection in the body.
  • Bitter melon, is considered as an agent that helps in relieving from constipation.
  • It is also very helpful in piles and hemorrhoids.
  • Karela is considered as a precious herb for de-worming and cleansing of gastro intestinal tract.
  • Bitter gourd is very much effective in treating various types of skin related problems like acne or black heads psoriasis etc.
  • This herb has anti-bacterial properties thereby is also very effective in treatment of wounds and injuries.
  • It eases the chronic cough as Karela also acts as an expectorant by that facilitates in clearing of the lungs. Patients with asthmatic problems are so here said to find respite in drinking teas made from Karela leaves.
  • Karela is gain very beneficial in females it provides comfort during menstrual disorders and problems.

Recent Questions

How to reduce Blood Sugar levels in the most natural way? Andy Mathur, USA

It is a well accepted fact that people who are having constant high sugars levels are prone to diseases like heart problems, nervine damage, renal failure, etc.

It is always better to reduce the effect of sugar that causes great discomfort in physiology as well as anatomical aspect of the body. it is advisable that one should limit the fat intake in the body and also should lower the calories. You should also take natural cure karela capsule as it also helps in promoting the sugar metabolism in the body

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