Triphala for Colon Cleansing
Triphala Herbal Colon Cleanser
Triphala( 60 capsules )

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Latin Names : herbal formulation with the equal mixture of three harbs Terminalia bellirica Roxb. / Terminalia chebula Retz. / Emblica officinalis Gaertn.

English Names / Common Name :Bellirica Myrobalan, Chebulic Myrobalan and Indian Gooseberry

Sanskrit / Indian Name :Triphala (Vibhitaki, Haritaki and Amalaki)

Triphala is an ayurvedic herbal combination that is prepared by mixing three most precious ayurvedic herbs' fruits i.e. Indian Gooseberry, Chebulic Myrobalan and Bellirica Myrobalan taken to be seedless. This herbal formulation is considered as one of the most stupendous herbal preparation and is most widely used in preparation of various ayurvedic medicines. It is a wonderful adaptogen, antioxidant and digestive.


Triphala is considered as rasayana, and is used to attain the longevity of the body. It is used in indigestion condition due to its wonderful action on digestive tract. It helps in ensuring the proper functioning of the digestive tract making it to perform to the optimized levels. It acts as a detoxification agent of the body and also relives from constipation. It is non habit forming mild laxative. This divine herbal preparation is a formulation that has the capability to cure many diseases. Triphala is widely known for its benefits on the digestive tract. It helps in detoxification of our digestive tract and is also very beneficial in curing all the related problems. It is also helpful in rectifying the liver related disorders and also stimulates pancreas to produce insulin, for curing diabetes. It also has some anti bacterial properties there by helps in preventing any kind of foreign invasion on the body by various antigens.

  1. Constipation
  2. Indigestion
  3. Pain abdomen
  4. Hyperacidity
  5. Detoxification
  6. Flatulence
  7. Reduced vision


One to two capsules twice a day after meals. Or as directed by physician.

Benefits of Triphala
  • Triphala or trifla helps in rectifying constipation, cleanses and detoxifies the gastro intestinal tract
  • Helps in toning of all the organs of gastro intestinal tract.
  • Triphala is a agent the cleanses the body and therefore detoxifies it
  • Triphala helps improving digestive powers and food assimilation as well as absorption
  • It is very helpful in reducing high blood pressure and hypertension
  • It is very helpful in improving the blood circulation
  • Triphala is extremely beneficial in curing liver related problems.
  • It acts as an expectorant and rectifies diverticulosis
  • Triphala or trifla is very effective in a condition known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Ulcerative Colitis (UC)
  • Triphala is considered as a good anti-inflammatory agent that also helps in reducing swelling from the body.
  • It acts as an anti-viral and also stimulates bile-flow and peristalsis for proper evacuation of the fecal matter
  • Triphala is an anti-aging agent
  • It is also helpful in improving immunity in the body.
  • Recently it has been found that triphla posses anti cancerous properties it was found in the research that it has the ability to kill tumor cells while sparing normal ones


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