Shun bad breath with medication and yoga

Bad breath may be termed as the continual foul odor that is released from anyone’s mouth. It occurs when he or she talks or breathes. Also called as halitosis in medical terms, this disorder may engulf each and every one. Accumulation of food particles after taking our diets or other eatables leads to decomposition because of bacterial effects. Some gases and bad odors are rleased that is known as bad breathing. Gum diseases like gingivitis, smoking or foods with strong odors may also be responsible for halitosis, the disliked disease. Those taking excessive onions or garlic may also release it. Yeast; a type of fungus and xerostomia; i.e. the condition of dried up mouth may be infected and release bad breath. Few ailments like diabetes, pneumonia, sinus infection, bronchitis, acid reflux and liver or kidney problems may also be behind bad breath.

Treating halitosisHundreds of products are there in the market to deal with this issue. Yet the following since facilitated by Swami Ram Dev work wonders:

  • Divya Dant Manjan – This excellent formulation is made by combining different herbs that treat bad breath in natural manners. Dental condition is improved in a big way with this effective manjan that not only eliminates bad breath but also empowers the teeth to much extent. Gum issues can be managed well with regular use of Divya Dant Manjan that may be used twice a day. No side effects are reported.
  • Dant Kanti Tooth paste – It is one of the most celebrated tooth pastes. Oral health can be managed to the top levels. This herbal gift by Swami Ramdev works wonders. A fine blend of certain effective herbs, Dant Kanti Tooth paste is a great product that helps in treating tooth decay and cavity formation. Dentine and tooth health can be improved with this paste that is helpful in cleansing the teeth and thus relieving the sufferers from bad breath. The teeth get whitened and strengthened with regular use of Dant Kanti Tooth Paste, Ramdev’s major gift.

Effective home remedies – Do adopt the following habits and enjoy freedom from bad breath and other problems:

  1. Proper oral hygiene methods may be followed to see that the mouth is freed from remains of any food particles.
  2. Use of mint and holy basil is quite helpful.
  3. Foods with strong garlic and onion may be avoided.
  4. Smoking and caffeine may be kept at great distance.
  5. Dentist may be consulted for managing cavities.
  6. Toothpastes with fluoride are the best solutions for the people that are challenged with this ailment.
  7. Even brushing, flossing and mouthwash on regular basis are good and help in controlling bad breath.

Treating halitosis with Yoga – Looks strange, yet Yoga can control bad breathing in a big way. Just try the following and say NO this most disliked problem:

  • Kapal Bhati Pranayama since recommended by Swami Ramdev helps in releasing the breath that flows back into the lungs in automatic manners. Repeating this posture is greatly helpful.
  • Yoga Mudra – Sitting in Padmasana or Sukhasana and repeating it five or ten times is also useful for the people that suffer from bad breath.

Other yoga asana like Sheetkari pranayama, Sheetali pranayama, Shankha Prakshalan, Padma Sadhana and Simhasana postures AND long walks in the mornings / evenings also give excellent results. Swimming is also good for the guys that suffer from bad breath.

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