Ease lower back pain in simple ways

Lower back pain is a major concern among people these days. Some people suffer from this pain for couple of weeks but for some, this agony continues to trouble them whole of their life. It happens due to rupture or over exertion of body structures such as muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, discs. In axial lower back pain, pain remains persistent in the low back area only but in radicular back pain, pain travels from lower back to thighs and legs.

Indications of lower back pain

Identification of backache varies depending on their causes since different reasons of back pains result in similar symptoms.

• Standing and sitting for long hours results in lower backache

• Burning sensation in the lower back

• Abdominal pain along with backache

• Inflexibility in the waist area

• Feeling of tiredness while walking

Sometimes you encounter these symptoms suddenly or after long time. Ignorance often leads to chronic backache. Back pain can be mild or stern, brief or permanent which depends on the severity of the ache. Below are some of the ways given for the treatment of lower back pain:

• Balanced and nutritious diet should be consumed such as food rich in minerals, calcium and vitamins. Lower back pain happens mostly due to obesity and old age so proper diet helps in reducing weight which results in reduces less pressure on the spine.

• Consuming anti inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen reduces your backache. Consult physician before taking these drugs as causes of the back pain differs and also can harm your kidneys, stomach and liver.

• Back pain sufferers mostly opt for acupuncture. It is done by the insertion of needles on the pressure points of your skin. It is quite helpful in reducing lower backache.

• Proper stretching exercises for the affected body parts are useful in reducing backache. Consult physiotherapist before doing any exercise. Don’t pick up heavy tuff since it will aggravate your back pain.

• While sleeping on your back, keep pillow under your knees and when you are sleeping on your side then put the pillow between the knees. These sleeping postures will definitely help in reducing lower backache.

• For back pain sufferers, yoga can also prove beneficial. It not only helps in stretching of muscles and joints but also relaxes your mind. You should look for professional yoga instructor before doing yoga since sometimes right postures leads in aggravating lower backache.

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