Say goodbye to Bowel disorders in herbal ways

Bowel disorders Supplement

Bowel disorders are as common a problem as sneezing and cough. But it is surely much much more painful and irritating! Irritable bowel syndrome is one of these disorders. Beginning with a mild banded pain on the upper abdomen, and advancing bit by bit throughout the day, this pain aggravates acutely in the second half, resembling a hand twisting the insides of the abdomen mercilessly.  The pain is often relieved by bowel movements. Another really irritating condition is that of Ulcerative Colitis. It is a condition of inflammation in the bowels. Although the root cause for this condition is unknown, the symptoms are yet grueling. An acute pain in the abdomen, rectal bleeding and diarrhea are common symptoms. Swelling is another prominent symptom of ulcerative colitis, accompanied by pain in spine and joints. A timely cure for these conditions is absolutely necessary, otherwise they can develop into really bad health conditions. Ulcerative colitis, for example, if not treated on time, can lead to colon cancer.

Various drugs are available in the market for the treatment of bowel disorders. But prolonged persistence of these conditions, urgently requires the commencement of herbal treatment, since chemical infusion inside the body for long periods actually makes the systems tolerant to the prescribed dosages. We first talk about Irritable Bowel Syndrome treatment. Because the irritability is mostly because of the acute abdominal pain, the most effective medication for this condition is peppermint oil. It soothes and relaxes the muscles of the abdomen, thus enabling the pain to be reduced considerably. Slippery Elm is yet another herb that is extremely useful for alleviating the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Amalaki and Triphala are yet two of the natural herbs that have been declared useful for curing this condition.  Aloe Vera and Chamomile are instrumental in improving loose bowel movements.

Since the causes of Ulcerative Colitis are still unknown, any remedy that could target the cause is still unavailable. However, food products that could help the bacterial growth in our guts to help the digestion and assimilation process become better are mostly preferred. Probiotic curd is advised generally. Cod liver oil, olive oil and hemp oil are some of the fatty things that are usually prescribed. Full fat yoghurt is another thing that colitis patients need to have. A lot of fiber consumption is suggested. So unpeeled fruits and raw vegetables need to be increased in the daily diet menu.

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