Neem benefits and acne

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Neem, for centuries have been in use for treating skin related problems like acne, blemishes etc. Neem or more commonly known as margosa is regarded as one of the most powerful herbal agent that works in reducing the skin related problems and also helps in removing the acne problem.

Acne is one of the most commonly faced problems especially by teenagers due to hormonal changes in the body. Even in adult age people may also face this problem. No doubt acne is not a problem that can give serious consequences or is fatal but due to cosmetic factors people tend to suffer and may even go in depression.

Natural Cure Neem is one of the powerful herbal supplements that is very helpful in purifying the blood and also helps in normalizing the hormonal outburst which are the main causal factors of acne problem.

Neems for centuries have been regarded as good blood purifier. It is also very commonly called as herbal antibiotic. Natural cure Neem also finds its place in many traditional ayurvedic formulations that are mainly indicated in skin related problems or in infectious cases.

Benefits of Natural Cure Neem
    1. Extremely beneficial in acne problem
    2. Very much helpful in controlling skin related diseases
    3. Purifies blood
    4. Removes debris from blood stream
    5. Detoxifies body
    6. Helps in evading prolonged fever
    7. Reduces tendencies of respiratory infections
    8. Increases the body immunity
    9. Helps in keeping away from infectious diseases
    10. Very beneficial for diabetes mellitus patients.
    11. Helps in stimulating pancreas for proper functioning
    12. Helps in reducing the burning sensation in urine
    13. Safe in pregnancy
    14. Helps in reducing dandruff problem
Indications of natural cure Neem
    1. Acne
    2. Skin problems
    3. Burning urination
    4. Respiratory infections
    5. Sneezing and coughing
    6. Influenza and cold
    7. Dandruff
    8. Persistent fever
    9. Typhoid and other tough fever
    10. Skin irritation and itching
    11. Rashes on skin
    12. Redness of skin
Directions of taking natural cure neem

Take one to two capsules twice daily with water or as directed by physician.

Recent Questions

Hi, Dr. Smith please advises me some permanent solution and diets that would be helpful in reducing pimples on oily face? I am Jenny, 21 years old female from United States 
Hello Jenny, Pimples and acne happens to be one of the biggest problems causing agent to teens and young people. These may be a cause of problems like hormones, occupation, wrong eating habits, wrong lifestyle etc.

Basic rule of avoiding pimples are to stop consuming oily food and use of chemicals and acne on your skin.  One should also include lots of water, fruits and fresh vegetables in diet. Routine exercises and outdoor activities should also be the part of life style.

It is recommended that you should also consume NEEM capsule along with Manjistha capsule. These will help in purifying the blood as well will help in balancing pitta in the body.  


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