Tulasi for Asthma & Allergy Care

Asthma & Allergy Care

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Tulasi is one of the most reputed herb in Indian subcontinent. It is considered as divine in origin and possesses certain magical powers that are extremely beneficial for mankind. Tulasi in mythological terms is considered as a wife of lord Krishna.

Tulasi is one of the most celebrated herbs in ayurveda. It is very commonly used in conditions of respiratory tract infections. It is also very helpful in treating allergic reactions as well as asthmatic condition.

Benefits of Tulasi
    1. Evades allergy from respiratory tract
    2. Helpful during asthmatic attack
    3. Boost immunity in the body
    4. Relives from coughing
    5. Helpful in treating sinusitis problem
    6. Helps in resolving influenza and cold issues
    7. Soothes sore throat
    8. Helps to resolve chest congestion.
    9. Stops sneezing attack

Tulasi can be regarded as a single herb remedy in treating all kinds of respiratory tract infections. It is also helpful in evading one of the most troublesome disease asthma if it is taken at right time. Tulasi is a part of almost all the cough syrups available in the market due to its unique soothing properties. It is also very beneficial in treating the problems like tuberculosis, pleurisy etc.

Indication of tulsi
    1. Asthma
    2. Cough
    3. Cold
    4. Influenza
    5. Sinusitis
    6. Tuberculosis
    7. Throat infections
    8. Tonsillitis
    9. Adenoids
    10. Allergic rhinitis
    11. Lungs infection
    12. Fever
    13. Typhoid
    14. Low immunity
    15. Frequent cold and cough
    16. Wheezing in chest
    17. Chest congestion
    18. Childhood asthma
    19. Lungs infection

Tulasi is a multipurpose herb that is very much helpful in treating various diseases especially related to the throat and respiratory tract.  


One to two capsules twice daily with warm water or as directed by your doctor.

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