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Alfa flax capsules are one of the best natural resource that is very effective in treating the various lifestyle related diseases in the body that is on high in this era. Various problems like low immunity, high blood pressure, frequent infections, low energies etc are the problems that are seen nowadays even in young people. Alfa flax capsules are extremely supportive in evading such problems making you feel fresh and energetic.

Benefits of Alfa flax capsules.
  1. Helps in the reconstruction of potent and healthy cell membranes.
  2. Helps in keeping saturated as well as unsaturated fat cells moving in the bloodstream and does not let it get deposited on the walls of arteries.
  3. Helps in maintaining the normal stickiness of blood platelets in the blood steam.
  4. It is very important and plays a crucial role in the production of prostaglandins.
  5. Maintains nervous system functioning.
  6. Helps in maintaining cholesterol in the body.
  7. Maintains the proper functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract.
  8. Supplies beneficial phytoestrogens for normal functioning in the body
  9. It is a powerful immune booster that helps in increasing the immunity in the body.
  10. Alfaflax capsules helps in detoxification of the body and also alkalinizes it.
  11. Alfaflax capsules are very helpful in treating skin related problems.
  12. It acts as a good diuretic agent.
  13. It is helpful in counteracting the hormonal imbalance.
  14. Helpful in the treatment of Arthritis and associated pains and symptoms.
  15. Helpful in reducing the blood glucose levels in blood
  16. It reduces plaque deposition in the arteries that is useful in preventing heart related disease.
  17. It is effective in the treatment of peptic ulcers.
  18. It improves digestion
  19. It is very helpful in counteracting the infection.
  20. Helps in problems like constipation, hemorrhoids and gastritis

One to two capsules twice daily with water or as directed by physician.

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