Abhrak Bhasm for Ayurvedic medicine


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A wonderful presentation by Divya pharmacy, Abhrak Bhasm is known to offer multiple benefits to the users. It is such an amazing herbal formula that has a positive impact on different parts and organs of the body. It is advantageous for the body in following ways.

  1. Abhrak Bhasm rejuvenates the entire body.
  2. It is very good remedy to get rid of sexual and reproductive issues.
  3. It is an excellent nervine tonic.
  4. It may be used to cure jaundice, anaemia, bell’s palsy, dysentery and diarrhoea.
  5. It is equally effective in case of asthma, tuberculosis, leukaemia, paralysis and cardiac issues.
  6. The natural body immunity is enhanced significantly which in turn prevents occurrence of numerous infectious diseases in the body.

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