Amalaki Rasayana for hair loss


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Prepared from Amla, i.e. Indian Gooseberry; this herbal formulation is beneficial as under:

  1. Multiple diseases are set aright with this product.
  2. It helps for promoting good health.
  3. Hair fall, thinning or its loss is made good with this unique blend of herbal ingredients.
  4. Reduced eye vision can be improved to great extent.
  5. Memory power and concentration are also enhanced.
  6. Premature aging and respiratory disorders are managed in a big way.
  7. It acts like a strong detoxifier and helps to remove the toxins and other wasteful elements.
  8. Immune system is boosted in a big way.

Dosage – To be taken empty stomach with water; one or two teaspoons are sufficient for good results.

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