Amrit Rasayana-1000 gm (For Brain Tonic and Improves Overall )


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Amrit Rasayana, a find blend of herbal ingredients acts like a strong rejuvenator for the body. A fine health tonic; this formulation is one of the best nutritional supplements for all ages and both sexes. Those suffering from weakened vigor and youth must try Amrit Rasayana that is much useful for one’s memory and intelligence. Deficiency of nutrients is made good with its regular use. This wonderful herbal blend strengthens the body cells and improves our immune system.

A rich source of anti-oxidants and minerals; Amrit Rasayana helps in balancing the hormones and enzymes in the body. Digestive disorders are set aright with even use of this herbal mixture that is useful in strengthening the body in a big way.

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