Arogyavardhini Vati for Ayurvedic Medicine


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Polluted environment gives rise to many diseases including the ones related with our skin. Black spots, rashes, pimples and other such ailments discourage the sufferers and put them to lot of inconvenience.

This wonderful medicine is useful as under:

  1. Aarogya Vardhani Vati, the herbal treatment is one of the best products that set aright the disordered liver.
  2. Bile, the major culprit behind jaundice is also got rid of with it.
  3. Those challenged with liver cirrhosis and peptic disorders must try this medicine.
  4. Any types of hepatitis like A, B and C etc is also relieved with its use. It helps in removing the toxins from the liver and in giving instant relief.
  5. Problems including heart diseases, constipation and anemia etc are also got rid of with its use.
  6. Aarogya Vardhani Vati acts like a good appetizer.
  7. Immune system is improved in a big way with its use.
  8. This medicine helps to cleanse the colon.

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