Chitrakadi Vati for gastric disorders


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We all need proper food that must be digested in even manners. Any flaw with this process may result in complications.

Chitra Kadi Vati is one of the wonderful medicines that help as under:

  1. People suffering from gas and its ill effects are benefited.
  2. Those affected with indigestion and anorexia must try Chitra Kadi Vati that works wonders.
  3. Indigestion, the main culprit behind many stomach related diseases is got rid of with this medicine.
  4. Prepared by mixing the herbal ingredients; this unique medicine helps in setting aright the disordered stomach in natural manners without putting any side effects.
  5. It strengthens the digestive track in even manners.
  6. Lining of the stomach is stimulated while pH of the stomach is also balanced in reliable manners.
  7. Patients’ appetite is also managed with its use.

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