Divya Amrita Sat (Giloy) for Ayurvedic herb


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Common health issues such as fever, anaemia, jaundice, piles, leucorrhoea and malaria can be cured using a single herbal remedy called as Amrit Giloy Sat. It is an herbal formulation presented by the Patanjali pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji. It can be used in following conditions. ‘
a. Fevers of varying nature can be cured and prevented.
b. It is equally effective in case of diabetes, cataract and conjunctivitis.
c. People suffering from pyorrhoea and skin issues may also use this product to get rid of their respective problems.
d. It helps in enhancing milk production in lactating mothers.
e. It aids in detoxification of the entire body.
f. Women suffering from any problems during menstrual cycles may get rid of the same.

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