Divya Godanti Bhasm for headache


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Divya Godanti Bhasma is an herbal preparation that is useful for the entire body in unique ways. It is beneficial for diabetes, cardiac problems, skin issues as well as the immune system.

What are the major health benefits?

  1. It soothes down various skin ailments and discomforts.
  2. Headache is got ridden of effectively.
  3. High blood sugar is controlled.
  4. It keeps a check over high cholesterol as well.
  5. It normalizes bowel movements too.
  6. It is a very good blood purifier which is quite useful for the entire body.
  7. It paces up the recovery process so that the patients may enjoy good health in all respects.
  8. The body is protected against numerous infections due to enhanced functions of the immune system.

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