Divya Jahar mohra pishti for heart diseases


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Rich in calcium content, Divya Jahar Mohra Pishti is recommendable in case of multiple health problems suffered by human beings in routine life. It may be used for gastric issues, liver problems, heart diseases as well as brain disorders equally and effectively.


You can get relieved of acidity, indigestion, flatulence, heart burn and other gastric discomforts with the use of this herbal remedy.

  1. The brain cells are nourished for their maximum functioning.
  2. The heart muscles are also strengthened so that these may keep on functioning properly and mot optimally.
  3. It improves appetite naturally.
  4. It helps in complete digestion of the foods. All this is due to improvement in liver and digestive functions.
  5. It is quite beneficial for the muscular system as it is a very good and rich source of calcium for the bones and muscles.

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