Divya stri rasayan vati (For Menstrual problems and natural menstrual relief)


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All types of problems or discomforts experienced by women during menstrual cycles can be treated and prevented with the help of Divya Stri Rasayan Vati. Unlike other medicines or products available in the market, it is totally safe for women in all respects.

  1. The menstrual cycles in women are regularized by maintaining normal hormonal balance in the body.
  2. It offers relief from pain in the abdomen as well as in pelvic region during menstruation.
  3. All the symptoms associated with PMS are managed very well.
  4. The sexual and reproductive organs are well-nurtured with the help of Divya stri rasayan vati.
  5. Different types of gynaecological problems suffered by women such as leucorrhoea, amenorrhoea, menorrhagia and dysmenorrhoeal are all treated appropriately.

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