Fe-min Tablets (for Iron Deficiency Anaemia)


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Sufficient count of red blood cells in the body is a must. Their deficiency may lead to complications and damage the body. Few of the traditional medicines taken by the sufferers usually result in side effects.

Fe-min Tablets for deficiency of iron are beneficial as under:

  1. Those suffering from reduced blood cells are able to cover up the loss to great extent with regular use of these tablets.
  2. Persons affected with imbalanced nutrition and deficiencies of iron are also able to improve the same in a big way. Quantum of iron in the body is improved with these tablets.
  3. Anaemia, the harmful problem related with our body is set aright with these tablets.
  4. Fe-min Tablets help in improving formation of hemoglobin pigment of the blood and red blood cells.
  5. Those challenged with headache, vertigo and nervous disorders must try this medicine.

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