Hridayamrita Vati for heart diseases


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Heart diseases are quite common amongst millions of people across the globe. Patients usually take traditional medicine few of which generally result in side effects.

Hridayamrita Vati, the wonderful medicine benefits as under:

  1. This medicine enables the heart to function in usual manners if the patient takes it in regular manners.
  2. Weakened immune system is boosted in a great manner.
  3. Ailments including angina, coronary heart diseases or myocardial infarction are also got rid of with its even use.
  4. Those at the verge of heart surgery are advised to take Hridyamrita Vati that prevents the same.
  5. Flow of blood to and from the heart is normalized that is much beneficial for it to function in convenient manners.
  6. Those suffering from heart problems because of stress or high blood pressure are also benefited to great extent with this medicine.

Dosage – One or two tablets twice a day with Luke warm water or milk.

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