Kayakalp Vati for skin problems


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As the name itself suggests, Kayakulp Vati helps in having a fair and shining complexion. It benefits as under:

  1. This herbal medicine purifies the blood by removing the toxic or other harmful substances.
  2. Flow of blood to the skin and its tissues is regulated.
  3. Skin problems including pimples, acne and dark spots etc are got rid of with its even use.
  4. Human skin gets nourished in even manners with its regular use.
  5. Diseases including acne scars and blemishes are also eliminated with Kayakulp Vati that works wonders.
  6. Dark circles under the eyes are also cured well.
  7. Skin tone is improved with its regular use. It does not contain any harmful elements and the users are at zero risk whereas they may fall victim to side effects by using the traditional medicines.

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