Kutajghan Vati for dysentery


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Disordered digestive track may result in dysentery and irritable bowel syndrome that may lead to complications.

Kutajghan Vati; the wonderful herbal formulation benefits as follows:

  • This herbal medicine helps in curing digestive problems in reliable manners.
  • Those suffering from chronic gastric problems are benefited in a big way with its regular use.
  • Persons affected with recurrent infection in their digestive organs are also benefited.
  • Bloody and watery stools are managed with this medicine that helps in balancing the acid base.
  • Digestive organs are able to secrete enzymes and digestive juices for the food to be digested in convenient manners.
  • Diseases including diarrhea are also eliminated.
  • Loss of water and salts in the body are also recovered with this particular medicine that does not produce any side effects.
  • Repeated bouts of dysentery are also eliminated.

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