Lack of appetite in Kids and children – LIV-T


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A moderate level of appetite is a must for the children for taking proper diets that strengthen them in even manners. Lack of appetite in any child may result in reduced strength and brain power.

LIV-T, the wonderful homeopathic medicine is useful as under:

  1. This medicine helps in setting aright the disordered liver.
  2. The hepatic cells are rejuvenated to great extent with this medicine.
  3. It is useful stimulating the appetite in a big way that helps the children to take apt quantity of food and grow well.
  4. Ill effects of hepatotoxic drugs and alcohol are got rid of with its use.
  5. Those taking this medicine in even manners are able to enjoy proper functioning of their liver.
  6. LIV-T is one of the best medicines for toning up the sick liver.

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