Lavangadi Vati for cough, cold


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Prepared with cloves by crushing them in even manners; Lavangadi Vati is useful as under:

  1. This is one of the best medicines for treating cough and cold.
  2. Those suffering from painful sensations in their throat are benefited in a big way with this medicine.
  3. Diseases like fibroid uterus and various types of lesions are also managed well with this medicine.
  4. Immune system gets improved to much extent.
  5. This medicine acts like a strong rejuvenator.
  6. Stomach acids are also balanced to much extent.
  7. Occurrence of indigestion is reduced while absorption is improved with this medicine.
  8. The anti-oxidant features of this medicine help in preventing premature aging.
  9. Respiratory disorders and skin problems are also managed with this medicine.
  10. It helps in treating infections related to our respiratory system.
  11. Diseases like hyperacidity and dyspepsia are also treated well with its use.

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