Luffakind (For Allergic Rhinitis)


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Allergic Rhinitis, i.e. the irritants causing reaction in the children may lead to histamine and inflammation of the nose that often disturbs them. They fall victim to allergic rhinitis during weather changes.

Luffakind, the wonderful homeopathic medicine is beneficial as under:

  1. This risk free medicine helps to improve the immune system.
  2. Those suffering from running of nose and its itching are advised to make use of Luffakind.
  3. Throat related diseases are also got rid of with even use of this medicine.
  4. Persons suffering from ear problems should also try it.
  5. Congestion may lead to headache that can also be got rid of with regular use of Luffakind.
  6. Recurrent attacks of allergic rhinitis are got rid of with its use.

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