Makar Dhwaj for power and strength


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Suitable for people of all ages, Divya Makar Dhwaj is an ayurvedic herbal preparation that can be used to support normal functions as well as good health of the entire body. It is a one-stop solution for all types of health issues. Since it is totally herbal in nature therefore it is absolutely safe for the body in all respects.


  1. The heart is ensured of its good health as it is one among the best cardiac tonics.
  2. The heart muscles are strengthened to keep it protected against any harm caused due to certain reasons.
  3. It delays ageing of the entire body due to its anti-ageing action.
  4. Fevers of varying nature may be cured and prevented using this herbal remedy.
  5. It improves natural body immunity so as to prevent various infectious diseases.

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