Medohar Vati For Weight Loss


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Obesity, i.e. excessive fat in one’s body puts him or her to great inconvenience apart from the related diseases.

Medohar Vati is one of the wonderful herbal medicines that benefit as under:

  • It helps in cutting down one’s weight to much extent.
  • Those suffering from Hyperlipidaemia are benefited with this medicine.
  • It acts like a strong detoxifier and helps in removing various types of toxins and harmful substances.
  • Disordered digestive track is also set aright with it.
  • Human physique can be made slim enough to give enchanting looks. Fatty chaps become quite active.
  • Metabolic rate can be improved in a big way with it.
  • Useful in thyroid disorders; this medicine is useful for patients that suffer from joint pains, thyroid disorders and joint pains etc.

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