Patanjali Mukta Vati for blood pressure 120 tabs


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High blood pressure; the most common problem affects millions of people across the globe.

Mukta Vati is one of the best medicines that benefit the patients in the following manners:

  1. High levels of blood cholesterol level are reduced to much extent with Mukta Vati that is much beneficial.
  2. It is useful in killing the symptoms of heart diseases.
  3. Those suffering from pain, breathlessness and other associated diseases get instant relief with this medicine.
  4. Flow of blood to and from the heart is improved and it starts functioning in usual manners.
  5. Harmful and toxic substances are eliminated with even use of this medicine that acts like a strong detoxifier.
  6. Those suffering from headache, nausea, blurring of eyes and dizziness etc must try it.

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