Nixocid Tablets (for Acidity, Heartburn & Flatulence)


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Indigestion and other problems related with our stomach often result in acidity and other disorders. Few of the traditional medicines taken for curing this problem may put side effects.

Nixocid Tablets are advantageous as under:

  1. Problems including heartburn and flatulence are got rid of with these tablets that are prepared with organic components. The users are at zero risk.
  2. Those challenged with acidity and related disorders must try these tablets.
  3. Even use of this medicine helps in saying NO to acid formation in the stomach.
  4. These tablets help in improving our immune system and controlling appetite in apt manners.
  5. Gastric ulcers are also prevented by using these medicines.
  6. Disordered gastric mucosa is repaired in even manners.


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