Panchkol Churna for pain relief


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Deficiency of calcium results in weakened bones and joints start giving painful sensations. Arthritis and knee pain is a usual problem.

Panchkol Churn, the risk-free formulation helps as under:

  • It gives instant relief from inflammation in our joints or knees.
  • Injury related painful sensations also get rid of with its use.
  • Those suffering from body weakness must try it.
  • Weakened bones become strong enough.
  • Knees are nourished in even manners with its use.
  • Those suffering from knee pains are able to make easy movements by taking this Churn.
  • Prepared by mixing the organic components in even manners; this Churn does not produce any side effects.
  • Ill effects of weakness of bones are got rid of with its use.

Dosage – Two to four Gms of this churn taken with water or milk is the recommended dose.

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