Piles (F.P. Tabs Tablets, F.P. Ointment) medicine for piles


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Engorgement of veins in the rectal or anus region is referred to as piles. It may be accompanied by numerous discomforts including pain, swelling, itching and irritation in the affected area. This painful condition may be treated and prevented using F.P. tablets and F.P. Ointment. It is one among the top-rated medicines to get rid of piles.

External application of F.P. ointment offers great and instant relief from itching, irritation and burning sensation in the concerned area. Similarly, use of F.P. tablets helps in improving blood flow to the ano-rectal region so that pain and swelling may be reduced. Even chances of surgery to get rid of piles are reduced or completely eliminated. Both bleeding as well as non-bleeding piles are cured naturally and equally effectively.

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