Quercus Robur 1x (for Alcohol De-Addiction)


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Excessive consumption of alcohol has become a great menace for millions of persons in the world. Many of them try to discontinue the habit by taking traditional benefits few of which sometimes put side effects.

Quercus Robur 1x; the wonderful homeopathic medicine is one of the best products that help as under:

  1. This medicine kills the symptoms of alcohol that get deep rooted in the body of the habitual drunkards.
  2. The routine activities of the sufferers are not disturbed in any manner.
  3. This is one of the best solutions to say NO to drinks.
  4. Quercus Robur 1x has become the preferred choice of millions of persons that intend to quit drinks.
  5. Those suffering from liver-damages because of excessive intake of liquor must try this medicine.

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