Rajahpravartani Vati for Menstrual Cycle


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Irregular menstruation is common amongst a large numbers of the women.

Rajpravertani Vati helps the women as under:

  1. Disordered menstruation is set aright with even use of this wonderful herbal formulation.
  2. Those suffering from menorrhagia, dysmenorrheal, amenorrhea or any other menstrual problem must try.
  3. Sexual organs start functioning in usual manners with this medicine that helps in detoxifying them.
  4. Ill effects of heavy loss of blood during periods are set aright with regular use of this medicine.
  5. Irregular periods because of hormonal balance in the young girls are also discouraged with this medicine.
  6. Disordered digestive system is also made good with this medicine that does not result in any side effect.
  7. It acts like a strong tonic for our respiratory system.
  8. Mood swings and hot flushes are also got rid of with its use.

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