Sanjivani Vati for dyspepsia


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A strong immune system is a must for all as it helps in fighting various types of diseases.

Those affected with weakness related to their immunity are advised to try Sanjivani Vati that helps as under:

  • Repeated respiratory infections are got rid of with its use.
  • It helps in curing digestive problems too.
  • Those suffering from loss of appetite and low blood count must try Sanjivani Vati that helps in improving the same to great extent.
  • Problems like flatulence and constipation are also set aright with its use.
  • Diseases including gout, arthritis and joint pains are also cured well with Sanjivani Vati that does not put any side effects.
  • It acts like a strong detoxifier and helps to remove toxic and harmful substances from the body. Diseases like eczema and psoriasis are cured with its use.

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