Sarivadi Vati for hearing problems


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Many persons suffer from tinnitus, i.e. ringing sounds without any specific cause. It may be humming, hissing or buzzing that creates inconvenience.

Sarivadi Vati benefits as follows:

  1. Instant relief from pain and obstruction in the ears is possible with this medicine.
  2. Auditory nerves are strengthened to much extent.
  3. Hearing loss is covered up with this medicine.
  4. Problems related with one’s inner ear are got rid of with its even use.
  5. Aged people suffering from reduced hearing are advised to take this medicine.
  6. Intermittent or persistent sounds because of tinnitus are reduced to great extent with Sarvadi Vati.
  7. Ill effects of loud noise on the ear are also got rid of with this herbal medicine that does not produce any side effects.

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