Shankha Bhasm for Ayurvedic Medicines


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As the name suggests, Divya Shankha Bhasm has been prepared from the extracts obtained from pure conch shell. The latter is known for its cooling and soothing properties and hence same properties are contained in Divya Shankha Bhasm as well. This herbal product may be used to support normal functions and good health of different body parts and organs in a purely safe and natural way.

Divya Shankha Bhasm is a very good source of calcium for the teeth, bones and such other body parts. It helps in strengthening of your teeth and bones. At the same time, eye vision is also improved. It offers a cooling and soothing effect to the eyes, skin as well the digestive system. In this respect, it helps in cure and prevention of multiple diseases and disorders relevant to these parts and organs.

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