Shatavari Churna for menstrual problems


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Females suffering from disorders related to their reproductive organs generally take the traditional medicines few of which result in side effects.

Satavari Churn, the wonderful ayurvedic formulation works wonders as follows:

  1. It acts like a strong tonic for the females’ reproductive system that stars functioning in even manners with its regular use.
  2. Healthy levels of milk production in the women can be ensured with its even use.
  3. Imbalanced female hormones are set aright.
  4. It puts soothing effects on the digestive tract.
  5. The respiratory tract is moisturized in a big way.
  6. It supports the human immunity that fights the diseases with great vigor.
  7. The natural antioxidant features of this Churn are much beneficial for the human physique.
  8. Difficult or irregular periods in the women are set aright with its use.

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