Shilajeet Rasayan Vati for ED treatment


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Successful sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is necessary for producing children. Many males suffer from impotency for which the traditional medicines may not suit much.

Shilajit Rasayan is useful for the impotent men that are benefited as under:

  1. This medicine helps in strengthening the kidneys and the channels that are helpful in carrying semen.
  2. It improves the level of metabolism and stimulates energy.
  3. Diabetic patients may fall victim to impotency that is also cured well with this medicine.
  4. Erectile dysfunction is cured well with this medicine.
  5. It is advantageous in male infertility and Oligospermia.
  6. It helps in regulating blood sugar level.
  7. It enhances the level of sperm count.
  8. It is very effective in curing weakness, cough, cold and allergy.
  9. It helps in getting rid of piles too.

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