Shivitraghan Lep (for human skin)


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Skin problems that are quite common put the sufferers to great inconvenience apart from physical problems.

Shivitraghan Lep, the wonderful herbal formulation helps as follows:

  1. It works wonders in having a healthy and enchanting skin that impresses the onlookers.
  2. Facial complexion starts shining like the moon that attracts others.
  3. Lustrous glowing skin can be had with this Lep that helps the users to stay away from skin problems.
  4. Disorders including acne, wrinkles and dark spots etc can be kept at bay with its regular user.
  5. Those applying Shivitraghan Lep are able to stay away from pimples and rashes etc.
  6. Prepared by mixing the organic components in apt proportions; this Lep does not produce any side effects. The users are at zero risk.
  7. It promotes luster, splendor and glow on the human skin.

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