Shvet Musli Churna for weakness and loss of immunity


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General debility is a common problem amongst millions of people that are unable to fight various diseases.

Swet Musli Churn, prepared by mixing the organic ingredients in apt proportions is useful as under:

  1. This herbal formulation improves the immune system that in turn fights the diseases in effective manners.
  2. Male sexual disorders are set aright by taking this Churn in regular manners. Men suffering from premature ejaculation are benefited with this Churn.
  3. It helps to increase the sperm count and improve the libido in the men.
  4. Recurrent attacks of asthma are discouraged with its use.
  5. Swet Musli Churn works wonders in saying NO to pregnancy related problems in the women. They are able to fight infections.
  6. Flow of milk in the lactating mothers is improved with its regular use.
  7. Diseases like diabetes and arthritis are also got rid of with even use of Swet Musli Churn.

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