Stri Rasayan Vati For menstrual problems


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Regulated menstruation is a common process amongst all healthy women. Any flaw with it requires proper treatment.

Estri Rasayan; the wonderful gift by Swami Ram Dev Ji is helpful as under:

  1. Menstrual disorders of the women are set aright with this medicine that does not harm in any manner.
  2. It helps in rejuvenating the women and their immune system in a big way.
  3. Females making its regular use feel refreshed. Their reproductive organs are revitalized to much extent.
  4. Those suffering from flatulence must try it.
  5. Diseases like bronchitis and asthma are also managed.
  6. Women suffering from amenorrhea are also benefited.
  7. Burning sensations in the eyes and feet-soles are reduced to great extent with its use.
  8. Women suffering from backache and irregular or heavy periods must take this medicine.
  9. This medicine helps in controlling constipation.

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