Trikatu Churna for asthma


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Many people suffer from digestive and respiratory problems for which they generally take the traditional medicines. Few of them result in side effects.

Trikuta Churn works wonders as under:

  1. Ill effects of cold and congestion are got rid of with even use of Trikuta Churn.
  2. It helps in saying NO to ill effects of cold and cough.
  3. Those affected with Top of Formdisorders related to their lungs must try Trikuta Churn.
  4. It is helpful in strengthening the reproductive organs.
  5. Trikatu Churn is a wonderful powder that warms and energizes the cells that start functioning in even manners.
  6. It helps in improving the sperm count and enjoying a healthy sexual life.
  7. High levels of sugar and cholesterol are brought down with even use of Trikatu Churn.
  8. It is useful in setting aright the disordered digestive tract.
  9. Immune system is also improved to much extent.

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