Tulsi Ghan Vati – 40 gm for Cold and Cough


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A large section of the society is affected with respiratory infections for which the traditional medicines may not work well.

Tulsi Ghan Vati is useful as under:

  1. The extracts of Tulsi in this wonderful medicine help in saying NO to fever and infections, the ones related to upper and lower respiratory organs in particular.
  2. Our immune system gets boosted in a big way.
  3. Chronic cough gets eliminated to much extent.
  4. Those suffering from cold must try this medicine.
  5. People of all ages are benefited with this herbal treatment that helps in getting rid of stomach infections too.
  6. Diseases including stomach pain and asthma and bronchitis are also got rid of with this medicine.
  7. Lung infections and pneumonia can also be treated well with this medicine.

An effective and safe treatment; Tulsi Ghan Vati does not produce any side effects.

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