Udarkalp Churna for indigestion cure


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As the name suggests; Uderkulp Churn is helpful in setting aright the disordered stomach. It is useful in the following conditions:

  1. Constipation and other gastric problems are set aright with this Churn.
  2. It helps in stimulating digestion.
  3. Persons suffering from hyperacidity or acidity must try this Churn.
  4. Prepared with the organic ingredients; this wonderful Churn does not put any side effects.
  5. Pre Menstrual Syndrome is discouraged with its regular use.
  6. Those suffering from duodenal ulcers and gastric problems must try it.
  7. Patients suffering from piles, constipation and dyspepsia must make use of this Churn.
  8. It helps to detoxify the physique by removing the toxins and harmful elements.

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